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* Tax Law changes every year. We keep track of all the tax law change to help you get your maximum refund and credit. *

 Dear Valued Clients,

Welcome to Christine Lo, Accounting and Tax Services. We offer accounting and tax services designed to meet the need of you and your business. Our tax services include but not limited to

  • Tax returns for individuals, partnership, corporation and non-profit organization.
  • Corporation, Partnership or LLC set up (form a company with the State); Company formation, tax strategies consultation.
  • Bookkeeping, financial reports and compilations, accounting and report filing requirements.
  • Payroll and other related accounting and financial services.
  • Sales Tax Return filling, property tax filling and other responding services to government.
  • Business structure analysis, business entity set up with State, Misc Tax ID applications.

We are Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) who is authorized by the IRS to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons in obtaining Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) from IRS.

  • New ITIN Procedure and new ITIN Acceptance Agent Program Changes: We now join the Certifying Acceptance Agent CAA) program from 2014 covered under Circular 230. We are allowed to certify your original documentations by using IRS specific form without going to you IRS local office or IRS center office. Contact our office for these improvements and changes for more details.

We are an authorized e-file provider! Check our information on IRS and State FTB website.

It is our intention to help you in whatever way we can by taking into account any considerations that are applicable to your particular circumstances. Our goal is not only to provide the highest quality tax return preparation and related services, but also focus on the needs of our clients and give our loyal client the excellent service they expect. In addition, we provide the very reasonable charges for our service and hope to build up the long term relationship with our client. Your satisfaction is most important for us and we also rely on your referral. If you have any question, please feel free to contact Christine Lo at info@clotax.com  or lo.christine@clotax.com. If you need a quote for your account, please send an email to me for quicker respond.

親愛的客戶 你好,

我们是IRS授权的Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) 我们可以帮外国人申请报税ID.


* 個人,合資合夥,有限公司和非營利組織所得稅申報.

*.公司设立: such as C corporation, S corporation, Partnership, and LLC.

*會計記帳; 財務報表編排.



我們秉著親切專業的服務熱誠,專注于每一個個案。分析並了解你的情況與需求,盡力與你互動和遘通,以達到準確,高品質的成果與績效。你的滿意與信賴,是我們成長與服務的目標與宗旨。無論何時,我們一向以合理平價的收費以及可靠認真的態度為你服務,並希望與你建立長期穩健的合作關系。也因此,在我們追求良好口碑與信譽的同時,更少不了你的支持與推薦。再次感謝你,讓我們有機會為你服務。并且我们提供电子报税,你也可以在国税局网站查到我们的资料。 如有任何問題,請聯絡Christine Lo. 至電郵 info@clotax.com ,我將透過電郵,提供報價。

Sincerely Yours,

Christine Lo, 稅務師, MS Accountancy